Employee engagement is one of the key factors that may have a significant impact on an organization’s performance. It may impact each aspect of your organization, including profitability, customer experience, employee morale, employee retention, and much more. According to a recent study, 92% of business executives feel that engaged people perform better, which improves the performance of their teams and the outcomes of their organizations. And so, in today’s dynamic business environment, it is crucial to maintain active engagement and commitment from employees for ongoing success. 

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the emotional and cognitive commitment of an employee to their organization and its goals. It goes beyond employee satisfaction. Employees who are engaged are satisfied with their jobs but are also highly motivated and committed to organizational values. They would be willing to go above and beyond, giving their all to ensure organizational success. 

Benefits of Employee Engagement in the workplace

Improved Productivity

According to a recent meta-analysis by Gallup, companies with higher levels of employee engagement reported a 21 percent increase in productivity. Engaged employees have greater job satisfaction. When people are happy with their jobs and feel valued, they are more likely to undertake their responsibilities with more dedication and accountability. It also cultivates an emotional attachment to the company, its values, and its goal. Hence, they will be more committed to their work and willing to put in extra effort, leading to increased productivity. 

Less Employee Turnover

Once you have hired a great employee, the last thing you want is to start over because they found a better job. It is critical to keep employees engaged to avoid this. Employees who are engaged are 87 percent less likely to leave their present job. This is because they know their efforts will be appreciated and commended. Furthermore, they see key opportunities for professional growth and progression in their jobs. 

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

When employees feel valued and encouraged to express their ideas, they are more inclined to try new things, experiment and explore innovative ideas. They exhibit greater enthusiasm for conducting research and discovering ways to benefit the company. Workforce engagement endorses creativity and fosters a greater sense of loyalty directed towards progression of the organisation’s goals. 

Key Strategies for Workforce Engagement

Prioritize Employees

Use questionnaires and surveys to allow employees to share their thoughts and concerns.  survey might be the most effective technique to boost your employee engagement strategy. The more you seek their feedback, the more they will feel valued and respected. This in turn brings a sense of belonging and loyalty. 

Recognize & Appreciate Employees

Recognize your employee efforts. Recognition can be official, like rewards or incentives, or casual, like a simple appreciation email or a congratulatory message. Appreciation boosts team morale and promotes a positive workforce engagement 

Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Provide individual and team training and enable development opportunities that are relevant to the professional objectives of your employees. Employees are likely to improve and contribute better if they believe that their employer pays attention to their career growth and development. 

Encourage unity within the organization

Create opportunities for team building and create a culture of teamwork. Any engagement activity, from creating monthly interactive events to just taking a team out to lunch, can help. This sense of togetherness encourages a positive and collaborative environment at work, making employees look forward to handling their tasks effectively and in unison. 


By understanding employee engagement and implementing effective strategies, organizations can create a workplace where employees are contributors to organizational success. An effective HR software can be a strong tool for increasing employee engagement and streamlining HR operations. HR software like PayWheel , which has been carefully designed keeping the HR operations and employee processes in focus, can aid in the automation of HR operations like payroll, benefits management, leave management and time and attendance monitoring and many such mundane tasks. Intuitive HR tools like PayWheel, helps the HR focus their efforts towards improving the employee engagement activities and reduce tasks that can be easily automated. 

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