Did you ever have to deal with the endless intricacies of attendance management? Leave and attendance management is a nightmare for most HR professionals. Manual attendance tracking using spreadsheets, individual manager approvals, and time off requests can often reduce accuracy and lengthen the entire process. Even the smallest errors will result in numerous operational discrepancies, such as inaccurate payroll processing, and can even bring forth legal and financial complications. According to ASAP Payroll service, an automated attendance & payroll solution can minimize payroll errors by 44%. Does your organization require a leave & attendance management solution? Let’s find out.

Why do you need an attendance management system?

  • Accurate record of check-in & check-out 
  • Integrated payroll processing 
  • Enables employee self-service  
  • Efficient workflow management 
  • Enhances employee productivity 
  • Reduces administrative cost 

Some benefits of Attendance Management System

1. Streamlines & tracks requests, approvals, time-offs

According to Insightful, time theft causes a loss of $11 billion for companies. Accurate attendance data is key to seamless payroll processing. However, manual tracking of leave & attendance requests and time-offs of each employee can be quite taxing on HR professionals. Automated software allows employees to get leave and attendance requests approved by their managers with minimal HR interference. Modern technologies such as geotagging and geofencing can help employers record the location of offsite employees. It also allows HR professionals to monitor and verify approvals, creating efficient workflow management.

2: Enhances productivity and competence

Calculating employee attendance and time-offs is one of the most time-consuming tasks for HR professionals. An automated attendance management system can provide reliable data, as manual entry is highly susceptible to multiple errors. It can save the employer’s time, money, and effort while also allowing the HR professionals to focus on important administrative tasks as well.

3: Ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations

One of the most crucial components of any organization is adherence to labor rules and regulations. Non-compliance with statutory regulations can result in financial and legal consequences. According to Economic Times, over 5.57 lakh businesses have been struck off on account of non-compliance with company law provisions. It can be an additional burden for employers to manually keep track of the evolving changes and compliance requirements. Automating the timesheet and time-off processes to streamline and manage the policy requirements can help avoid such compliance mishaps. There are several attendance management software like PayWheel which can aid in simplifying such tedious procedures.

4: Produces accurate & easily accessible reports

A cloud-based attendance software can generate attendance reports on the go, anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks. An effective attendance management software will work alongside other HR-related tools like payroll, accounting, and helps to eliminate the tedious manual data duplication of HR professionals. In addition to saving time, this will increase data accuracy, prevent payroll mistakes, and guarantee data confidentiality.

5: Reduced cost

According to a case study by Gravity Flow, a medical organization generated monthly cost savings of $4,000 just by automating paper-based processes. Automating employee attendance can help resolve issues such as time theft, overtime payments, buddy punching and so on. With modern technology and geo-location-based attendance systems, the data obtained is much more secure and reliable. The effort that goes into these mundane attendance-related activities is enormous. Thus, investing in reliable HRM software can help optimize the overall effort, making the entire process more secure and efficient.


Technology continues to evolve, assisting in the advancement of workforce management. An automated attendance management system can now help you resolve various challenges like time theft, buddy punching and absenteeism allowing you to focus on achieving your organization’s vision and business goals. Cloud-based HRM solutions such as PayWheel offer a range of services, including attendance management, payroll management, geo-location based services among others.

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