In this digital era, organizations are now facilitating greater autonomy in communication and data exchange among employees and managers. Employee self-service (ESS) portal is a powerful tool that can efficiently streamline HR operations and improve employee management practices. 

What is An ESS portal?

Employee self-service portals empower employees to directly handle tasks that are typically managed by HR executives. ESS portals eliminate the lengthy mediation process and helps streamline access to personal information, leave requests & approvals making the entire process much more efficient. 

6 Key Features to Look out for in Employee Self Service System

1. Dashboard with Overview

The employee self-service (ESS) portal helps to streamline workforce management and simplifies access to essential information and tools. ESS portal dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of attendance conflicts, pay slips, tax forms, and leave balances. This in turn, eliminates the need for manual paperwork and constantly contacting HR for updates.  

2. Time & Attendance management

Employee self-service portal allows employees to easily access and manage their attendance data. They can directly raise requests to managers in case of any discrepancies/ conflicts, which in turn reduces the workload for the HR department by ensuring accurate data that has already been approved and stored digitally. 

3. Leave and Holidays

This feature in the ESS portal enables employees to request and manage their leaves efficiently. It helps them access information about their available leave balance, the types of leaves, and upcoming holidays. Furthermore, they can also submit leave requests with minimal clicks and at any point in time. 

4. Employee database management & resources

Employee details and information can keep changing over the course of their career. Manually updating employee information is extremely time-consuming and may be prone to errors. However, with this feature, the employees can directly update their personal information and download handbooks and company policies from the employee self-service portal. 

5. Tax & Investments Support

Income tax is calculated based on income from salary and investments as declared by the employee. The ESS portal allows employees to enter their investment declarations, and it automatically calculates the standard deduction and provides the net taxable income. This can help employees to determine tax liability and plan their investments accordingly. Investment calculation tools like that in PayWheel, can help individual employees to plan their investments based on their income and tax liabilities. 

6. Pay slip Generation online

The payslip generation feature is a valuable tool that enables employees to access their payslips at any time and from anywhere. This provides employees with easy access to their past payslips for various purposes. The system generated pay slips will be encrypted and have a secure password, thus ensuring the document is privy only to the intended user.  


In short, employee self-service (ESS) portals like in PayWheel  empowers the employees and offers various benefits, such as tax and investments, data security, cost &time savings and freeing up valuable company resources. It helps HR executives automate routine tasks and get access to accurate employee data. It also helps to improve organizational efficiency and empowers employees to attain a certain level of autonomy. 

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