Attendance Management System

In this era, businesses grow exponentially; we see startups around us transforming into small, medium and powerful enterprises, and to meet this surge in operations, more and more people are hired. We all are aware of the attendance register that has been there since the good old days, wherein employees mark their attendance on a ledger or a book. With new age companies coming in, scaled-up magnitude of business and the sheer number of employees to be taken care of, new concepts like work from home or working from distant locations, that obsolete register is no longer capable to manage attendance of employees.

With the advancements in technology, we now have innovative payroll solutions which take care of all payroll processes, including attendance management system. These solutions have made life easier for the HR department by recording and maintaining employee attendance and leave records.

Let’s have a quick look on some of the benefits of the attendance management system:

  1. No More Manual Errors

It is a known fact that during month-end, the HR representative who takes care of recording and collating the month’s attendance for payroll is the busiest and becomes the most important person in the whole organization. At this point in time, a small error such as flipping or missing a digit altogether may go unnoticed and it may go on to miscalculate an employee’s total work days and further to their salary.  With growing importance towards statutory compliance, it is essential for companies to take note of minute details, and dependence on manual entries would only add on to the inconsistencies.

An efficient attendance management software will bring in accuracy and would thus minimize human intervention; thus, minimizing manual errors.

  1. No Chance of ‘Time Theft’ for Employees

An attendance register at your reception, then there is a probability of someone marking proxy attendance for a colleague; this was a common occurrence in the days of ledger system. Also, in the case of employees who are based out of client locations/ projects are mandatorily required by their employers to submit client approved time sheets on a regular basis. And in the case of manual entries, a lapse here or there across multiple resources would probably result in significant loss of billables to a company which provides such services. Repeated inconsistencies in such cases would result in the company losing face value and will probably require a lot of investment and resources to keep these discrepancies in check.

An automated attendance management system reduces the load on the HR and employees, making the task of recording attendance simpler and accurate on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Move to a paperless and spreadsheet-less HR function

The biggest challenge to any HR professional is to navigate between spreadsheets and make sense of it while managing attendance and processing payroll. Month end is the time where these spreadsheets are checked and information collated from various data points are matched, validated and approved; thus, payroll is processed. This has always been the years old process in all companies.

But now we have the option to streamline this age-old process and do away with those long, tedious spreadsheets, heaps of files and move towards a more modern and automated system. Modern cloud based payroll and attendance software will gather data from multiple locations, collate them, provide concise statistics and more importantly give “peace of mind”.

Our product PayWheel is a complete HR and payroll solution which takes care of all processes, from punch to pay slip. With its advanced time and attendance functionality, it ensures smooth payroll computed from accurate data via bio-metric device and detailed analytics & extensive reports.