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No duplicate and out-dated employee records anymore

Employee management software enables the organisation to maintain, update or add employee details and to have a well-set process in place. Every employee detail is unique and is thus important to record particulars such as income tax deductions, food, travel & other special allowances, bonuses, salary calculations, leaves & attendance, pay slips and more. With an employee management software an employee can also apply for leaves, check punch timings, file investment declarations, apply for reimbursement requests, generate payslips and much more.

An efficient payroll and online employee management software caters to manage specific personal and professional information. Besides, it also helps in storing payroll related details like Loans and Advances, Income Tax declarations, Loss of Pay (LOP), Compensatory Off, Claims and Reimbursements etc. PayWheel is one such wide-ranging software that suits all employee management needs.

Fundamentals of Best Employee Management Software – PayWheel

  • Creation of New Employees- With this option HR and admin personnel can add a new employee in the existing list along with their personal and organizational details like employee ID, Email address, System ID, Login Details etc.
  • Editing Employee Records- This feature is an extension of maintaining employee records in which editing, viewing and deleting information of existing and ex-employees can be simplified.
  • Variable Pay- Just as the salaries of employees vary, so do their variable pays. This alternative allows HR/admin executives to calculate and distribute the employees’ variable components accurately.
  • Defining Salary Components- Having this alternative, HR/admin can customize the salaries of employees as per their opted allowances. It also lets exchange reports in the form of spreadsheets in just few minutes.
  • IT Declaration- Here employees tax saving details can be managed and stored so as to deduce the monthly salary accordingly.
  • Loans and Advances- With this option HRs can keep a track of the advances or loans taken by employees’ and consequently deduct a defined amount from their salary every month.
  • Performance Appraisal- All the changes in the salaries of employees’ can be added or edited directly to update the current salary structures for payroll processing.

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