System Generated Pay-Slips

Generate, Print and Email Pay Slips

Pay slips are one of the most critical financial documents for employees to have knowledge about exact deductions or bonuses from their salary. Besides, the employers can also keep a record of salary components specific to an employee. But, generating pay slips for each employee individually can be really hectic and time consuming for the payroll or HR managers. Automating this process and generating pay slips in a single go can reduce the unwanted efforts and enhance efficiency.

PayWheel being an integrated payroll software helps employer’s HR department to not only process payroll in a few steps, but also generate accurate pay slips in blink of eyes. In this feature, a default format of pay slips is incorporated, along with the necessary payroll components to initiate the pay slips generation in one click. The format of pay slips necessarily includes details like- company name and logo, date and duration of salary, details of employees, taxes and deductions, Gross and Net pay etc. These components are flexible to be customized as per the requirements of an organization.

Advantages of installing PayWheel

Today, when organizations are choosing to manage their financial documents like pay slips online, PayWheel becomes an ultimate solution to help them in this exertion.

  • In PayWheel, you can offer your employees to generate their pay slips for current or previous months.
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Pay slips can be mailed and printed simultaneously.
  • No more fuss of lost hard copies that are hard to find when needed.
  • Pay slips in one go and in fraction of seconds.

If you wish to divert your efforts to more productive areas of your business by automating and reducing your payroll/ pay slip efforts, adopt PayWheel. Know more in detail by connecting with our executives and scheduling a free demo.

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